STI Foods Holdings, Inc.


“Meals are from the convenience store I usually go to.”
A mother in a hometown feels relieved by the word of her son.
We enhance the healthy power of convenience stores.

Our manufacturing and sales teams are working together to meet potential needs faster than anywhere else.

STI Foods Holdings, a food manufacturer, develops products by constantly monitoring changes in the market with the cooperation of major convenience store chains.

Breaking with the image of conventional convenience stores, we will make them more health-conscious and adult-oriented.

The role of convenience stores that cover all of Japan should not be only facilitating convenience.
Convenience stores are now delivering authentic deliciousness as a lifeline for safe and delicious living that supports the health of all age groups living in communities.
STI Foods Holdings will continue to play a part in this initiative by continuing to develop new products.


It is not simply product development.
We are also suggesting the methods for “stimulation of the feeling to buy” and “displays that arouses customer interest” at the same time.

We are demonstrating the marketing and merchandising brains.

Needless to say, retail stores are not made up of only products.
What kind of products are sold to what age groups or classes at what prices? How should we set the unit price per customer? That kind of marketing strategy is essential.
Furthermore, what kind of product lineup should be realized?How should we allocate shelves, and who should we target when displaying products? Such a merchandising strategy is also essential.
Only when product development and those two strategies are mixed, we can create a shop in which “customers want to buy.”
STI Foods Holdings is not only a supplier of products but also the one that demonstrates a comprehensive strategic brain.

For example, two kinds of food products are created from one ingredient, which capture male and female customers.

For example, we not only plan “chopped octopus” as a snack for beer but also serve octopus as a salad by combining broccoli and basil sauce. The former is popular mainly among men, and the latter wins women’s hearts.
In other words, one ingredient is made into two kinds of menus, appealing to both male and female customers.
STI Foods Holdings is uncovering a new expectation for food that resides in our customers’ minds.