STI Foods Holdings, Inc.


 Seven declarations on product development.

  1. Available fish types change in spring, summer, autumn, and winter.
    We make products in accordance with the seasonal conditions of the fish.
  2. We make extraordinary products with ordinary seasonings and fresh ingredients.
    We bring out the umami taste.
  3. Cooking is science.
    All elements are quantified to demonstrate and reproduce the basis of the deliciousness.
  4. Cooking is logic.
    The sense of taste, sense of proper price, and safety cannot be created by the sense alone.
  5. Cooking is a passion.
    Although we are not artisans, all employees have the spirit of artisans. We devote ourselves.
  6. Rather than food manufacturers, our rivals are Japanese-style restaurants in Akasaka and restaurants in Ginza, for example.
  7. We provide the taste of expensive dishes in luxury restaurants at reasonable prices at convenience stores.
    We take pride in it.
  • Rice Ball with Salmon Roe

    Rice Ball with Salmon Roe

    The original flavor of fresh salmon roe from Hokkaido was brought out with its original maturing method and basic seasonings to realize a luxurious “rice ball.”

  • さばの塩焼

    Salt-Grilled Mackerel

    A fatty and filling mackerel was grilled with far infrared rays to make it puffy. The taste of mackerel was enhanced by the flavor of salt and kelp broth.

  • ほっけの塩焼

    Salt-Grilled Atka Mackerel

    After drying a fatty Atka mackerel, it was slowly grilled over an open flame to bring out its full flavor.

  • たことブロッコリーポテトのバジルソース

    Octopus, Broccoli, and Potatoes with Basil Sauce

    Tender steamed octopus and crispy broccoli were made into a salad-style snack served with potatoes. Our original basil sauce brings out the flavor of the ingredients.

  • たこぶつ

    Chopped Octopus

    Octopus with a good texture was steamed and cut into bite-sized pieces. This product can be enjoyed like sashimi.

  • 炙りしめさば

    Roasted Mackerel

    It uses fatty chub mackerel harvested in winter in Japan. Savory flavor can be also enjoyed as it was enhanced by searing the skin over an open flame.

  • オリーブオイルさば

    Mackerel in Olive Oil

    It uses plenty of extra-virgin olive oil. The liquid in a can will be a flavorful dressing mixed with the flavor of mackerel, which can be poured onto vegetables and enjoyed as a healthy salad.

  • オリーブオイルさんまときのこ

    Saury and Mushroom in Olive Oil

    It is finished with “olive oil × garlic” to make it just like ajillo. It uses Pacific saury, which is a convenient source of DHA and EPA. It uses mushrooms, which are not common in canned food, and is flavored a little spicy to be a perfect snack.

  • 牛すじ醤油煮込

    Beef Tendon Stew

    The nibbles that have long been popular among ordinary people in japan were made into a snack product for drinking at home. It is a superb dish made by taking time to simmer beef tendons having plenty of collagen, together with daikon radish and konjac.

  • ノルウェーさば味噌煮

    Norwegian Mackerel
    Simmered in Miso

    It uses reputable Norwegian mackerel as a raw ingredient. Mackerel that has been simmered soft to the bone is rich in calcium, DHA, and EPA. Based on the white miso of Shinshu miso, it uses mirin, kelp broth, soy sauce, and rice milk to express mild flavor.

  • 白子1~2食

    Soft Roe (Pacific Cod)

    Fresh soft roe caught in Alaska was quick-frozen and imported by sea freight. After thawing, it was blanched, cut to a moderate size, repacked, and subjected to nitrogen freezing. It can be enjoyed raw with ponzu (citrus soy sauce), in a hot pot, or as tempura.

  • ムール貝ガーリックバター風味

    Mussels Flavored with Garlic Butter

    It uses carefully selected Chilean mussels and is finished with a rich garlic butter flavor. It is perfect as a Western-style snack to be enjoyed with wine.